sink dog

sink dog

by Dominic Jackson

I had to start spitting the toothpaste into the toilet after I realized he was there. Every night he would look back at me from inside the sink hole. A tiny little dog. I couldn't spit my teeth scuzz on him when I noticed he lived in there, it would be rude of me.

So I would spit in the toilet. He would just stare at me and pant a little to show he was happy. One time I noticed he was dirty so I ran the warm tap (at just the right temp) to give him a little shower. He liked that. Oddly enough when I woke up in the morning he wasn't there, I assumed he went to work. But every night he would be there to say goodnight to me. My tiny little puppy living in the plug hole of my sink.

I never questioned how he got in there or why. Or even if I was imagining him. I just accept it was part of life. Much like you would if you saw a new type of flower you never noticed before that wasn't particularly striking. Just another thing you pass every day without thought.

My girlfriend didn't understand. I think she is becoming worried about me. She say's its not normal to have a tiny dog in your plug hole, and that I should probably hire somebody to come get him out. But I do not agree. I chopped up a hotdog the other day and pushed it through the grate for him and he was so happy!

One day maybe I'll crawl in there and join him. But until then we will continue our little night time routine. Me and my sink dog. I no longer feel as lonely as I used to, I hope he feels the same way.


  • I love him

    Joey -
  • i too see him. in the sink or in my dreams, i bask in his radiance. i pray he finds you in good spirits.

    woelle -
  • I’ve seen him too

    Nut -

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