The John Dogecore Vampire Massacre Day

by Dominic Jackson

On January 28th we mark the anniversary of when our founder John Dogecore single-handedly destroyed the last vampire colony in Ireland back in 1994.

Politicians were at a standstill as to what to do about the remaining vampires, fearing they could spread their infection if people let them live but were worried about the moral and social outcry should any attempt be made to eradicate them. Being totally above the law, multibillionaire and philanthropist John Dogecore took it in his own hands to rid the world of the last of the vampires and on this day walked into that village with a stake and a mission.

And when dawn rose the following morning he walked out of that town covered in gore, having killed every man, woman and vampire child that lived there. Some said he was a monster, but many respected him as being the master of monsters.

"No longer shall you fear the night" he told waiting reporters. The same quote is etched under his statue that stands in the old town square to this very day.


  • a true hero, he will live in our forever

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  • based and johnpilled

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  • Praise John

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