Dogecore testimonials

Dogecore testimonials

by Dominic Jackson

hello friends

we have been working hard to bring you new levels of dogecore technology.   Previous versions of dogecore tech has produced almost alarming results, see for yourself with these testimonials - 

Greg - 19 - Nottingham - England

"I wore the 'end my pain I want to die' shirt in a sushi restaurant and the manager said the whole bill was on the house! I was on a date at the time and the girl asked why and I said I was a famous fortnight gamer and was huge in Japan and she nodded solemnly with deep understanding."

Apoloniusz - 23 - Kraków - Poland

"My school counselor saw my 'I have given up' pink sweater and told me I no longer have to come into school.  I can't believe how much my life has improved since investing in patented dogecore technology"

Michelle - 21 -  Ohio - USA

"I have had several offers for romantic dates from the men at my fingerboarding skate park (it's just a corner of my local community centre) after they saw me ollie my tech deck in my 'be nice to me, i'm trash' hoodie.  Now i won't die alone!"

Invest now in your future.  I love u 



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