Missed connection

Missed connection

by Dominic Jackson

Me - Male, 22
You - Raccoon I saw in a tree at like 4 pm on Main street.

I was walking home from work the other day drunk and I noticed you in the daylight. You were 3 branches up staring at me longingly with your beautiful eyes. I pulled out my phone to try get your number but fumbled and dropped it to the floor cracking the screen.

I think you saw my wallpaper though, it was of a raccoon much like yourself pulling a nice pose, all relaxed, just hanging out with the caption "I want to die"

I think you knew I wanted you at that point.

I leaned down to pick up my phone and you came down from the tree to help and we both reached for it at the same time.

Your tiny hand on mine, we locked eyes and I think you smiled but all I really saw was teeth and I guess you were shy because you ran away with my phone in your hands back up the tree.

I lost sight of you at this point because my vision was going a little, I'd been drinking a lot of vodka disguised in a monster energy drink at my desk job all day. I went home and tried calling you from my friends phone a few times but you didn't answer.

I love you lady raccoon from the tree on Main street, please answer my texts. I know you can read this because the phone was unlocked when I dropped it and my phone is 4G enabled and I also assume you're going to read this.

I would say call me but you'd only be calling yourself. Please come down from the tree sometime, we can ride a tandem bike to the sea and eat ice cream whilst the sunsets.

We can get balloons and let them go.

I love you


  • Raon

    Jack -
  • I know I’m two years late but your iPhone is due for an upgrade so I thought we should meet up for that tandem bike ride. We can discuss your phones extended warranty which has now expired. Hugs and Racc-kisses

    AmeriCoon -

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