• goblins are real
  • goblins are real
  • goblins are real

    goblins are real

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    Goblins are real, have you seen them? You see them right? They're all around us and probably in your walls at this very moment. What do they want? Well I will tell you, it might help you in future should you want to protect something precious to you. Did you know that goblins have a penchant for Prince Diana memorial plates? You could say they have a mild obsession with them. When the peoples princess was sadly assassinated by the crown back in 1997, the UK made thousands upon thousands of ceramic plates with her airbrushed likeness on them. Not to be eaten on or used as one would a plate, but to be placed above a fireplace or in a glass cabinet to be adored by anyone who would enter your home. Goblins couldn't get enough of these things and have been stealing them ever since to sell on the black market. I hope that you keep your Princess Diana plate under lock and key, far from their hands and illegal tax evading ways.

    • 50% recycled polyester and 50% acrylic
    • Double layer knit
    • Cuffed beanie
    • 8.27″ (21 cm) in length