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It was all starting to collapse. As I throw the ball down the lane towards the pins all I can think to myself is 'this is what a pro looks like...right?'

By some fluke of the universe I score a strike and the man I've been chasing online for the last 5 weeks looks impressed. He has bedroom eyes on and is nodding like, 'challenge accepted' like this stupid fucking game is some kinda foreplay. Did I tell you he brought his own custom ball? Its clear resin with an original furby inside, he tells me its competition compliant and he's going to use it at the nationals.

I should never have gotten myself into this mess. But he was so hot. I didn't know how to stand out against any of the other guys going after him, so for the past few months I've been hiring people from fiverr to photoshop my bowling game scores and posting them online. I even paid a guy $69 to edit my iPhone footage to make it look like I bowled a near perfect game. He added crowd cheers and everything. My whole Instagram is just me being a bowling bitch. I think my friends are worried I'm having some kind of crisis.

I know this guy is into my vibe... But how long can this last? I don't give a shit about bowling, I don't really understand why anyone does this. But when I see him put on those weird tap dancing like shoes I get so hard. I wonder if he will still love me if he knows I don't care about bowling.