Is this you?  Are you this little dog?  Is this your vibe?  Same.  For most of my entire life I feel like I have been infantilized by people who believe that just because they've smoked cigarettes longer than I have that they have some kind of aged wisdom over my own experiences and there for know better.

But they're ignorant.   Ignorant of their own passage through time and their actions, unable to see the stones that have fallen to get to this point.  Unable to even recognize how their own actions and voting habits could have led up to whatever bullshit conversation ruined the family dinner.  Our governments are controlled by a whole generation of people who have been huffing leaded gasoline most of their lives and rotting their brains trying to work out why people aren't buying Yachts and houses anymore.  Why are young people not buying diamonds?  At the same time they're yelling that if you spread avocado on your toast you have forfeit the right to have a house.  Mark Zuckerberg got all his aluminium joints oiled up and went in front of congress and had to explain the internet to the people in charge by saying shit like "The internet is a series of pipes".

You'd think that with a this fountain of information we have available to us now we would be in a golden age.  But instead these 'pipes' Mark refers to have been chocked full of so much bullshit that instead of everyone being enlightened with facts, reflecting on our shared history as a species you've got your mother on her phone thinking there's mole children being sexually abused beneath the Getty museum. 

I truly believe, as I write this, we are living in a time of revolution where the democratic world as we see it is being dismantled.  Not in a good or constructive way but in a shit and miserable way like when you cant make it to the toilet to be sick so you throw up all over the floor and pass out.  That's basically life right now and the toilet might as well be down the road behind a paywall.