• nuclear launch codes bumper sticker
  • nuclear launch codes bumper sticker

    nuclear launch codes bumper sticker

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    15″(38cm) x 3.75″(9.5cm) vinyl bumper sticker

    Do you drive around in a tiny little car and get angry all the time that your bad or maybe good vibes are not correctly communicated with those around you? Do you like to spend 10 minutes trying to parallel park only to give up and drive away hoping nobody noticed? Have you ever longed for a smooth refreshing drag on your cars exhausted pipe, which some say is the penis of your vehicle? Me too buddy, we all have. 

    Well, now you can at least do the first and third thing of what I have mentioned, as we all know you do the second thing at least once a week just like me. With our new bumper stickers, you can increase the risk of being involved in a fender bender by at least 34%, potentially earning you life long whiplash injuries and a healthy insurance payout and maybe a new office chair from HR once they realize how fucked your spine is now. Think how nice your life will be and how much better your posture will become after 6 months in a neck brace all because you spent a small amount of your earnings on one of these stickers to deface your vehicle with. Go forth, avoid hitting the local wildlife and please for the love of god smile and wave at other drivers as you forget to turn your lights on at night but don't realize it and think everyone is honking at you because of your cool new decals.