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    dogecore multipass

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    Unsure what your friend will want?  Your child?  

    Are you looking at this website with utter confusion and shock, horrified by what the person you love is into but at the same time wanting to please them?  We have your back.

    You can now purchase them a gift card and allow them to make their own mistakes in life.   

    You can act surprised when you see the product and say "wow I love it" but really inside you are upset and plan to 'accidentally' have it go missing one day whilst they're out.

    Much like my mum did with my cool leather trenchcoat when I was 17 years old.  It was a replica of the one Morpheus wears in the matrix movies and as you can tell I was really cool as a kid and grew up to be a normal member of society and not remotely jaded.