It's not exactly news.  The CIA has been shifting drugs around the world to fund their war machine for decades.  In the 80's the CIA used the COBRA program to flood the streets of some of the most deprived areas of the USA with crack cocaine.

This was all uncovered and reported on by Gary Webb as part of his Dark Alliance reporting series.  Gary Webb would very shortly go on to kill himself via two gunshots to the back of his head.  This was long before you could watch Halo 2 trickshots on youtube.  More Info on Gary Webb can be found here - Gary Webb

And Now?  Opium crops in Afghanistan are at all time low.  The Pentagon is suddenly short billion of dollars and you're still not connecting the dots?

The UK made most of its wealth selling opium to China through Hong Kong and the East India trading company.  A company that is still around today.  China fought a war and lost trying to stop the UK pushing drugs on its people.  More info on the first Opium war can be found - First Opium War

You think all this just suddenly stopped?  Haha you fucking idiot. 

 Now take this information and ruin thanksgiving again, just like every year.