Bartosz Zaskorski was born on 31.12.1987, he comes from the village of Żytno. He makes drawings, comics, electronic music, writes short stories, records radio plays and makes objects. In what he does he alludes to a heavily deformed vision of pop culture from his childhood. He loves mutants, weirdness, uncanniness and black humor. In 2020, he defended his PhD thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts. As a musician, he performs under the moniker Mchy i porosty (Mosses and lichens), usually playing synth-oriented, lo-fi electronic music. Under this name he has released recordings in Syntetyk, Not Not Fun, Recognition Records, Brutaż, Transatlantyk, Kikimora Tapes and Pointless Geometry. One of his tracks was included in the soundtrack of the game Cyberpunk 2077. More of his works can be found here.