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I thought this was the best time in history to send things using old fashioned letters. You want a pen pal? You want a zine once a month? You wanna know more about the dogmensions and how to access them?

Well... Sign up and find out.

I'll send you analogue memes via the post in the form of a monthly letter. I might even put stickers in there and even bits of my own hair. What great pleasure awaits you once a month as you run to the maibox to read deeper into the lore of dogecore, where dogs do not exist but also are gay and vegan.

What wonders you will see, your mind warped so much you try to scroll on a piece of a paper like its an ipad. I will show you things. I will tell you about the dogmensions and how to forge your own reality.

You will receive monthly mails filled to the brim with hardcore analogue meme content. 

Do you believe in dogs?


you fool 

I will teach you.


Monthly subscription - You will be charged every 30 days.

You can cancel at any time.
Worldwide shipping is already included in the subscription price.
Zines shipped on the 1st of every month.