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pov you're the bus seat

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It's late by the time we finish our walk together.  The streets are deserted and it's dark.  A street light flickers and a fog rolls in to the point where I can barely see 10 yards through the mist.  My dog Reuben seem's happy though, he's wagging his tail and sniffing around a world only he can sense.

Probably wise to get the bus home at this point.  I stand at the bus stop and read the news whilst waiting for my ride.  "Mark Zuckerberg is assassinated in the metaverse and is found dead, collapsed on the floor of his multi trillion dollar home still wearing his oculus headset" the BBC tells me.  Crazy world we live in.

I see the headlights of the bus arrive and as it gets closer I see nobody is behind the wheel.  One of the new tesla self driving buses.  I'd heard about them but this is my first time seeing them in real life.  Pretty cool.  It crawls to a stop in front of me and the doors open automatically.

I scan my bus pass and an electronic voice says

"Welcome Dominic, the first ride is free."

The bus is empty but that's no surprise, it's nearly 1am.  I sit down and Reuben jumps up next to me.  I look around and see an advertisement for a new type of soda that tastes like 7/11 hotdogs.  It's eerily quiet but I guess that's the joys of an electronic vehicle.  The advertisement is a video of a man squeezing a hotdog into a soda can and drinking it before looking confused, happy but also refreshed.

Wait where is Reuben?  I look around frantically but I can't see him.  And that's when I notice the pattern on the seats seem to be moving.  They're  shifting and upon closer inspection I see dozens of dogs scratching from within the cloth.  I look at where Reuben was sat and I see him... On the inside of the seat...  Absorbed into the fabric, two dimensional.  I claw and claw trying to get him out, crying now.  What is going on? 

• All over print
• Welcome to the bus dimension
• Hides 99% of stains.
• 70% polyester, 27% cotton, 3% elastane
• Unisex fit
• Overlock seams