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I turn on the TV in a morning and there he is the same old clown.  He's telling me that the country will never run out of toilet paper ever again since he did the new deal with the old clowns and in return they'll be buying all our stupid little cars.  Seems like a fucked up deal to me but what do I know?  I put on my oversized shoes and make myself a coffee dwelling over the fact its election day.  I have to go to the big top to do my part and vote in the next set of clowns.

Who should I vote for this time?  Why does it matter?  Each clown is the same but puts on a new stupid face to amuse me every time.  I honk my red nose in disgust at them all.  After I've had my morning coffee and smoked a cigarette on my balcony whilst watching the dolphins perform in the pool in front of my building I go to take a shit before I go to work and lo and behold.  He was not kidding.  We really do have unlimited toilet paper now.  When I go to grab what I thought was the last piece another appears out of nowhere and a never ending stream of colourful toilet papers roll into my hand.  At least I can use this to wipe away the stains of reality but the smell will still remain.

Outside I get into my clown car and 9 other clowns pack in tightly around me.  It's a smug fit but the ride share app I am using is telling me that I am saving the planet whilst making some money.  Just what I need, some more money to buy clown makeup because my current paints have started running with the heat.    It's not long until we arrive at the big top which is where we are all registered to vote.  When I pull up, all the doors fly off the car and the wheels fall away and everyone disembarks.  I sigh, typical.

I'm last in the line to vote now and I look at the card and its options.  I can either vote for the clown that is going to make me freeze to death this winter but will give me a cool holographic sticker on my passport or vote for a different clown that will also make me freeze to death this winter but offers the potential for a butterfly landing on my ear in a comedic fashion at some vague point in the future.  I don't really know what I'll do to be honest.  Everyone around me is crying as we continue this every day charade.