Where’s the Zine gone?

Some of you may have noticed we have cancelled ZINE subscriptions and they’re no longer for sale on our site.

Fear not!  The zine will continue, however to ensure you’re always getting the highest quality dogecore lore, art and free stuff (including new stickers) we’re changing the model to limited runs of each episode on roughly a quarterly basis.

What does this mean?

More chances to buy back copies, no more automatic charges, dogs in the park will stop and salute you (military style) and I’ll have more time to make each zine special.  Also cool bugs will hang around the outside of your window, looking in and making awkward eye contact.  Hey I don’t make the rules pal don’t blame me.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying what I’ve created so far, I’ve a lot of great idea’s lined up for future editions and I can’t wait to start work on them without such a restrictive deadline.

If you paid for a zine in February, you will receive it within the next few weeks.  This will be the final one for a small while. 

I love you all.


P.S if you’re still waiting for a zine that has not reached you, please email us at admin@dogecore.com


  • looking forward 😎

    friendly neighborhood doge -
  • Is there a chance to buy a Feb issue?

    Robert -
  • hey sexie i am sendibg a kiss 2 u <3 mwah

    cowboy -

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