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hello stinkies 

as some of you might have noticed, we've increased the prices for all our unisex tshirts and I want to explain

w h y 

for some time now I've been thinking about replacing the shirts we've been printing our designs on to a higher quality shirtie.

the old shirt we'd been using since we started this store back in 2017 was fine at the beginning, but going forward I feel like we need something better and more durable, ideally custom sewn

however finding a reliable supplier turned out to be more challenging than we expected and while we're making progress and hope to launch our custom shirts this year within Europe, we don't know exactly when as we're just beginning to receive samples

in the meantime i ran a poll on our instagram, asking if people would be willing to spend more money to get a better quality shirt, the response was an overwhelming YE

so I've decided not wait any longer and until we move to our own custom sewn shirt we're replacing our blank to the new BLANK SHIRT 2.0 


heavyweight (200g vs old 150g, meaning it's more durable and doesn't wrinkle as easily)

better fit (slightly boxy, good if you hate your body like i do)

more colours (forest is my fav) 

custom inside label (now you're getting pboy inside instead of an ugly tag)

and coming soon, embroidery designs woo wee


to keep the same level of profit, that allows us not to starve and slowly grow, we had to increase the prices by 4 gbp (~ 5.5 usd) and IM SORRY,  but believe me it's worth it (i hope) 



dogecore idiots


ps because boris johnson is a cu n t and his brexit fetish destroyed the gbp value we had to increase the prices of hoodies and sweatshirts by a single pound im sorry


  • Whoever runs this website needs to be my best friend. Every payday I need to decide wether to buy a hoodie from here or buy food for myself lol last paydays decision was a hoodie MOON DREAMER

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  • Legalise poo and pee

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